many of you may know of the eight tails and the 9 tails but you don't know about the 29 tails. it has been around for centuries. nobody knew about it because the people who were jinchuriki's of it were afraid to say anything. the only person who knew was the 2nd hokage. he told them that their secret is safe.

29 tailed purple beast
  • 29 tails
  • vicious atittude
  • very powerful.
  • cousin to the 9 tailed fox


  • katara imizuki
  • nara imizuki
  • fredon imizuki
  • zuchanee imizuki
biography: been around for centuries. has been helpful to many armies. has destroyed many cities and has now on been forgoten.
katara imizuki and her siblings have been using this spirit for many years. katara is now the jinchuriki for the spirit now. her siblings were using the sprit but locked it in her. she is now unstoppable. 
the purple beast can also shape shift into anything. a dragon, a person, a evil person, or anything you can think of.
jutsu: multi-stricking shadow snake, earth fury, shadow earth snake, dead earth rise.