"Time Warp!!"

Chapter 37



Taimu Wāpu

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A Splendid Ninja…!!



Adults!! The Five Kage!!

"Time Warp!!" (タイムワープ, Taimu Wāpu) is chapter 37 of the Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles manga.


While in the Konohagakure's storage room, Lee and Tenten find a sealed box. Curious, Lee opens the box and finds a time tunnel. Tenten then reads off a scroll from the box saying that it was from the Rōran ruins and that it has the purpose of creating a time warp. The jutsu then activates and sends them back to the time when the Fourth Hokage was not appointed. The two are then encountered by a young Kakashi and his team-mate, Rin Nohara. Lee then tells Kakashi that he is from the future and explains how he would turn out in the future, which Kakashi finds disturbing. After this, Kakashi mistakes Lee for Guy due to both of them looking alike. Tenten then tells Lee that it would be best if they did not reveal anything that has happened in the future as it would change history and that he should be Guy until they find a way out of the time period. Afterwards, Kakaski's other teammate, Obito Uchiha, makes an appearance, who is reminded by Kakashi that he is late. Lee then reacts to his appearance by pinning him down, saying that it would be best if he got rid of him. Kakashi then explains to Obito that they are assigned to search for missing-nin who have infiltrated the village. As the two start to argue, Lee steps in and tells the two about their future which angers Obito. Meanwhile, a young Asuma and Kurenai make their appearances. Seeing them together, Obito imagines what it would be like if he and Rin where together like the two. Lee notices Obito's feelings and gives him advice to win Rin's heart. Obito follows Lee's advice and tries to ask Rin out on a date, in the way Lee suggests, but gets rejected. Later, Guy comes in and challenges Kakashi to a duel. Kakashi is then shocked to see two Guy's at once. Seeing that their cover is blown, Lee and Tenten start to panic. Lee then explains to the group that he is Guy's number one fan. Lee then punches Guy in the way the future Guy does to him. Lee and Guy then have an embrace and gives Guy words of encouragement. As a result, Guy recognizes Lee as his sensei. Later, Kakashi's sensei, Minato Namikaze makes his appearance. Lee sees him and recognizes the man as the Fourth Hokage, but Kakashi reminds Lee that a Fourth Hokage has not been made and that he is the known as the "Yellow Flash". Lee thinks the nickname was due to him urinating which Kakashi corrects him. Minato explains his alias by showing Lee his Flying Thunder God Kunai and its ability to transport him to any marked location. As Minato teleports Lee and Tenten to multiple locations, he teleports to the bathhouse and finds Kushina Uzumaki bathing, which results in the two males being sent flying by the woman. After Minato apologizes to Kushina, she asks him what was going on. After noticing that Kushina ends her sentence with "(da)ttebane", Lee and Tenten come to the realization that Kushina is Naruto's mother, since the yellow haired ninja ends his sentence with "(da)ttebayo". Lee then dresses up as Naruto and tells the couple about their unborn child. Kushina slaps Lee and gives a precise description of what their child would be like. Minato then suspects something was going on. Lee and Tenten then panic that the soon to be Fourth Hokage are aware of who they are. Minato pulls out his kunai and launches it towards a wall. Two Iwagakure ninja then appear from the wall which shocks Tenten, seeing that it was the ninja spies that Kakashi mentioned earlier that Minato was suspecting. As the duo escapes with intel they gathered, the shinobi of Konoha attack with Lee joining in. After capturing the group, Tenten wonders how they are going to get back to their own time period. While wondering, Kakashi then finds the time tunnel that was in possession of the Iwagakure ninja. Lee and Tenten seizes this opportunity and runs with the time tunnel. The jutsu activates once more, however, it sends the two back to the battle between the First and Second Hokage, Hashirama Senju and Tobirama Senju against Madara Uchiha. Lee and Tenten quickly enter the time tunnel to escape as the battle commences.


  • Lee's response to tackling Obito maybe a reference to his actions in Naruto.
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