The Sources of the Akatsuki and Madara




Akatsuki to Madara no Sōsu

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The Sources of the Akatsuki and Madara (暁とマダラのソース, Akatsuki to Madara no Sōsu) is a manga-omake included in A Splendid Ninja…!!.

The Youth of Pain and Konan

While the Ame Orphans are walking, Yahiko's stomach begins to upset him. He thinks that it was due to the piece of bread that he found laying on the ground a while back. Yahiko wants to go to the bathroom, but he has no toilet paper. Nagato then asks Konan if she can give him a piece of paper instead, but Konan refuses.

The Youth of Deidara

Deidara, during the time he was in Iwagakure, is seen talking to Kurotsuchi on his perspective of art. Ōnoki then steps in and tries to stop Deidara, but his back gives out.

The Youth of Sasori

While a young Sasori is in a room with his grandmother, Chiyo, she is talking about how old she is getting. Sasori then comes up with an idea to make her body mechanical, but Chiyo declined.

The Youth of Kakuzu

During his battle with the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, Kakuzu tries to obtain his autograph.

The Youth of Hidan

In this story, Hidan explains to Kakuzu about the little things he enjoyed in his life.

The Youth of Kisame

During his time in Kirigakure, Kisame is being congratulated by Fuguki Suikazan. Kisame then sets his eye on his blade, Samehada. Fuguki offers Kisame the opportunity to wield the blade, however, Kisame runs off with the blade, leaving Fuguki shocked.

The Youth of Sasuke and Itachi

A five year old Itachi is seen holding his newborn brother, Sasuke, in front of his parents. Fugaku tells Itachi that he hopes that they both stay this way for the rest of their life. However, after giving it some thought, Itachi couldn't guarantee that it would be possible, which Fugaku laughs at.

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