Tenten's Ambition!!

Chapter 6



Tenten no Yabou!!

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Naruto vs. Konohamaru vs. Rock Lee!! Gaara of the Desert!!

Tenten's Ambition!! (テンテンの野望!!, Tenten no Yabou!!) is Chapter 6 of the manga.


Team Guy are practicing ninja item training. Lee begins by wielding his nunchaku, which accidentally made Tsunade's face in the Hokage Monument bald, much to Tenten's horror. Tsunade has been warned by Team Guy, who offer to protect her, about the enemy ninja. Tenten presents a charm to Tsunade, who is her idol, and wants to take the opportunity to be acknowledged by her. The attacks which Lee and Guy deflected accidentally land on Tsunade's head, making Tenten annoyed. It happens for the second time when the defeated enemies land on Tsunade. Neji accidentally makes Tsunade bald similar to what Lee did on the monument when he defended himself from the enemies. Just as when the enemies managed to abduct Tsunade, weapons come out from the charm Tenten gave to Tsunade. Tenten defeats the enemies and apologizes to Tsunade who is being healed by Shizune. Tsunade acknowledges Tenten's efforts and beats Lee and Guy, shaving their head similar to what has happened to her.

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