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Shino Aburame
Shino Aburame



Aburame Shino


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Chapter 9

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Episode 9

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Shino Aburame (油女シノ, Aburame Shino) is a supporting character and a member of Team Kurenai, alongside Kiba Inuzuka and Hinata Hyūga.


Shino is a normally very quiet individual. When he does talk, it is usually to give succinct explanations of things, although the things he chooses to explain do not seem to require it. Due to being so silent, Shino is often cut off and left behind. Though he does not directly show his emotions, Shino has been shown to be somewhat sensitive, claiming that Hinata not liking his bugs could hurt his feelings.


Shino is a fair-skinned ninja who has dark, and bushy, brown hair. Shino is regularly seen sporting the same style as the rest of his clan, consisting of dark sunglasses and a sea-green jacket with a high, upturned collar. According to the Naruto series, Shino's appearance is depicted to be mysterious, with his jacket hanging down to his knees and the addition of a hood that obstructs his face even more and a satchel on his back.



Aburame Clan Techniques

As a member of the Aburame clan, Shino uses Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique were he uses a special breed of insects, called kikaichū, that nest in his body and feed on his chakra. As a result, they follow his every command, forming his main fighting style: in battle, he boxes in opponents with his bugs and then consumes their chakra once they cannot escape.

In the anime, winter is a major problem for Shino, as his insects go into hibernation, preventing him from using them in combat. [1]


Shino is included in several cameos and most typically a background character. Similar to the main series, he is a minor character in this show.

Episode 9

Part 1: Neji's Cousin, Hinata

Shino and Kiba Inuzuka came forth to offer assistance in Hinata's training with Team Guy. Guy, Kiba, and Shino's methods all fail with Neji taking down Akamaru and Shino's parasitic insects for causing more discomfort to Hinata. Both Shino and Kiba were concerned and check up on them, especially Shino sobbing for his injured insects. Lee then points out they should focus on Hinata's weakness: Naruto Uzumaki. Everyone (excluding Neji and TenTen) dress as Naruto, causing Hinata to run away.

The Missing-nin group dressed as Naruto Uzumaki regained their stance after being beaten down by Hinata and Neji. Lee, Shino, Guy, Akamaru, Kiba ambushed the group of assailing ninjas from above and clashed with them. Neji and Hinata coordinated their offense and defense, blasting all of the Naruto cosplayers away.


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