Rock Lee vs. Neji Hyūga!!

Chapter 3



Rokku Rī tsui Neji Hyūga!!

Chapter Info

The Ninja Rock Lee



The Huge Pitter-Patter Attack Plan of Love!! Copy Ninja Rock Lee?!

Rock Lee vs. Neji Hyūga!! (ロックリー対ガイ班はネジ日向!!, Rokku Rī tsui Neji Hyūga!!) is Chapter 3 of the manga.


When Rock Lee comes with the intention to stop the enemies, they claim that ninjutsu will not effect them, but Lee knocks out the three ninja with taijutsu. Tenten and Might Guy, who dressed in a ridiculous outfit that consists of a tutu, arrive. Lee is shown dressed in the same attire, as he and Guy resume their training, much to Tenten's disbelief. Just as when he thinks he's better than Neji, Lee realizes that Neji defeated the enemies' leader, hence beating Lee's "quantity with quality". Later, Tenten is searching for her valuable photo that she has lost, and claims that she wished Neji was there, due to his Byakugan. Lee attempts to perform Byakugan, and Naruto Uzumaki mistakes him for a suspicious person. Neji arrives, having retrieved Tenten's photo in the matter of seconds, and Lee swears to never to lose to Neji again. Lee challenges Neji, who accepts it saying that Lee can't win against him. After a week of training, Lee comes back, looking considerably muscular, as well as Guy, who only has his right arm preeminent. The battle begins between Lee and Neji. Lee's speed slows down, allowing Neji to attack, which reveals that Lee and Guy's muscles are fake, but Guy denies it, stating it's chakra. Lee headbutts Neji, resulting in a draw. In the end, Guy invites Lee and Neji for training using their fake muscles, much to Tenten's chagrin.

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