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Random Chapter
"Honey, I Shrunk Rock Lee!!"
After a long and hard mission, Team Guy returns to Konoha. An exhausted Tenten asks Lee for a soldier pill, but before he gives one to her, Choji Akimichi, who had been rushing to meet Shikamaru and Ino at a BBQ resturant, bumps into him, knocking them both to their feet. Once they regain themselves, Choji picks up a small bag that he had dropped when he bumped into Lee, Lee also realizing he dropped the bag of soldier pills, retrieves his bag. After Team Guy eats the soldier pills, they realize that they have shrunk. Lee insists that the pills they ate were soldier pills, but when they inspect the bag, they realize that it has the Akimichi Clan's crest on it. Neji realizes that they must have eaten the pills that reverse the Akimichi Clan's signature body enlargement techniques. He deduces that when Lee bumped into Choji, their bags were switched, causing Team Guy to consume Choji's pills.
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Chapter 30.jpeg

Random Episode
"Episode 3"
A Competition with the Genius Ninja, Neji
After Lee defeats several enemy shinobi, he begins to feel as not even Neji could compete with his strength. However, the leader of the group appears and Lee begins to feel nervous, but the foe topples over, revealing Neji who had defeated him. Comparing his quantity with Neji's quality, Lee becomes saddened and lables his own achievement as inferior.
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Episode 3.png
Tenten's Must-Win Battle
While on a mission, Lee acts unsightly infront of Tenten, angering her. Tenten reminds him of the "Ladies first" phrase, but Lee and Neji fail to understand. Later, Tenten fights against several bandits as Lee and Neji watch, telling her she did not need their help. However, Tenten calls her teammates for support when the leader of the group appears, but finds them resting. Though Tenten is able to defeat the bandits, she again reminds her teammates to be more considerate. However, one more her teammates fail to understand, angering her. In her anger Tenten leaves, but Lee calls out to her, saying they treated her in such manner because they knew she was strong. Tenten leaves no reply and vanishes.
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Episode 3 part 2.png

Random Character
"Minato Namikaze"
Minato Namikaze (波風ミナト, Namikaze Minato) was the fourth leader of Konohagakure.
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Minato Namikaze.png

Random Jutsu
Eight Gates

Eight Gates.png

Eight Gates (八門, Hachimon) is a jutsu that releases limiters inside the body to access incredible power. There are eight stages, although the stronger the user becomes, the more dangerous.

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