Powerful Shippūden (パワフル疾風伝, Pawafuru Shippūden) is a manga-omake of volume 4.


Just exiting the Namco Bandai Games building, Lee and Naruto are excited after having purchased the Naruto SD Powerful Shippūden game. They are confronted by Pain, Deidara, Tobi, Kisame, and Kakuzu the latter of whom explained that Akatsuki was currently low on funds and as such was going to take the game from them. Noting the absence of the usually straight-laced Tenten, she arrives mere seconds after, also advertising the game. With this, an extreme version of rock-paper-scissors ensues which culminates in Akatsuki's defeat and the other playable support characters also making an appearance. In the persons present are able to get a copy of the game on the release date.