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Medium Periwinkle

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Manga Debut

Chapter 8.5

Anime Debut

Episode 38

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Konan (小南, Konan) is a member of the Akatsuki and the partner of Pain.


Past Akatsuki

Konan as part of the original Akatsuki.

In her past, Konan was part of the original Akatsuki, which consisted of her, Yahiko, and Nagato.


Konan's flowers

Konan welcomes Lee.

Konan is shown to be one of the more friendly members of Akatsuki. When Lee was posing as a recruit she offered him a bouquet of paper flowers as a welcoming present. It is mentioned by Hidan that people call her an angel.


Konan is a woman who has amethyst hair, amber eyes with lavender eye shadow, and a labret piercing. She wears a large periwinkle paper flower in her hair since she was a child. Her facial expression is usually neutral. She wears the Akatsuki cloak and her Akatsuki ring on her right middle finger, the kanji on it meaning "white" (白, byaku, haku). She also wears orange nail polish. It is revealed that her navel is surrounded by four piercings. Instead of the standard sandals and leg-warmers, she wears a pair of blue pants that also functioned as her shoes, with white high heels, inverting the organisation's standard colour scheme.

When Konan was a young adult, she wore a black cloak with stockings and high heels, as well as a mid section guard similar to that of Samui and an Ame headband, that being the only time period Konan's been seen wearing one.


Konan attack

Konan using Dance of the Shikigami.

Konan can turn her body into numerous pieces of paper which she can use for various purposes such as making wings for flight.


The Organization Named Akatsuki!

Episode 38

Pein konan debut

Pain and Konan debut.

In chapter 16 of the manga, Konan arrives at the Akatsuki hideout with Pain and upon meeting the "new recruit", gives him a bouquet of paper flowers. Eventually, the Akatsuki break into a riot, with all of them attacking each other, destroying the hideout as Lee and Tenten escape before being discovered. In the anime episode of these events, Konan and the other members gang up on Deidara for not revealing Lee as a spy.

Episode 51

Part 1: The Final Battle

In episode 51, the Akatsuki teamed up with Sasuke to destroy the Leaf Village. Konan was shown standing next to Kakuzu and Pain fighting Ino, Shikamaru, and Chōji. She was later shown defeated. 

Akatsuki's Summer Vacation!

Akatsuki on vacation

The Akatsuki taking a vacation.

In chapter 27 of the manga, the entire Akatsuki organization went on a summer vacation because Pain believed it could bestow unbelievable power. Konan is seen alongside Deidara, Sasori, and Pain playing a video game. She leaves with Sasori and Deidara after Pain continually refused to accept defeat. Konan later joins the rest of Akatsuki in a competition to see who can keep their sparkler lit the longest. Deidara got in a fight with Tobi during the competition, causing the winner to be unclear. The Akatsuki decide to have a different kind of sparkler competition with their jutsu, destroying the beach. Konan and the rest of Akatsuki noticed their skin had become darker and believed it was a sign of them becoming more powerful like Pain intended. They actually just got sunburned.

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