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Chapter 8.5

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Episode 38

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Kisame Hoshigaki is a member of Akatsuki and is the partner of Itachi Uchiha.


Kisame has light blue skin and dark blue hair. He also has razor sharp teeth and lines on his cheeks resembling gills which give him a shark like appearance. He wears an Akatsuki cloak, which is black with red clouds on it. He also carries a bandaged sword on his back called Samehada.


Kisame was shown to be a relatively polite fellow and one of the few members of Akatsuki that got along well with his partner. He and Itachi were also the only two members to suspect Lee and Tenten were spies due to Lee's resemblance to Might Guy, whom Kisame fought in the past. Kisame also greatly enjoys fighting, as he was smiling during the massive riot in the Akatsuki hideout.


In chapter 16 of the manga. Kisame and Itachi arrived at the Akatsuki hideout and were suspicious of Lee and Tenten being spies. Lee had to squint to hide his similarity to Might Guy, whom Kisame once fought. Before they could confirm their suspicions, a massive riot broke out among the Akatsuki which destroyed the hideout and allowed Lee and Tenten to escape. In the anime episode of these events, Kisame and the others ganged up on Deidara, whom they learned knew Lee was a spy.

In the Rock Lee Springtime of Youth Special Collaboration Chapter, Kisame, alongside Kakuzu, Pain, Deidara, and Tobi, attempted to steal the Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden Game from Naruto and Lee. The main reason being they couldn’t afford to buy copies for all the members. They challenged Naruto and Lee to a game of Smash and Shield Rock, Paper, Scissors. Kisame played in the second round against Lee, and tried to use Samehada to smash Lee. He then apologized claiming he thought it was Shred the Flesh and Shield Rock, Paper, Scissors. The Akatsuki lost, but ended up buying copies of the game for the members anyway.

In chapter 21 of the Manga, Kisame ended up getting stuck back to back with Might Guy after Guy had been hit by a special sticky chakra. Unable to see each other, the two did not realize that they had encountered each other before. Kisame aids Guy in capturing the Gorilla that produced the sticky chakra, but their greatly different fighting styles and the trouble of being stuck together only caused them to hurt each other unintentionally. Kisame attempted to use Samehada to tear Guy off of him and failed. He also tried using Water Clones to get a look at Guy and see who he was, however Guy was so badly beaten up that he couldn’t recognize him anyway. They use a Collaboration jutsu, combining Guy’s Morning Peacock with Kisame’s Thousand Feeding Fish. They defeat the Gorilla, and manage to get unstuck. Team Guy arrived and threw smoke bombs to prevent Kisame from seeing them as they leave. Eventually Itachi found Kisame, but the Gorilla escaped and ended up sticking Kisame and Itachi together.

In chapter 27 of the manga, the entire Akatsuki organization went on a summer vacation because Pain believed it could bestow unbelievable power. Kisame briefly watches a sand castle competition between Deidara and Sasori with Itachi. Kisame and Itachi were followed by Zetsu, who thought they were going to fight someone when they were actually trying to catch cicadas. Kisame and Itachi were later spied on by Zetsu when he thought they were going to duel. They were actually having a couple of Hercules Beetles fighting each other. Kisame later competed with the rest of Akatsuki in a game to see whose sparkler could stay lit the longest. Deidara got in a fight with Tobi during the competition causing the winner to be unclear. The Akatsuki decide to have a different kind of sparkler competition with their jutsu, destroying the beach. Kisame and the rest of Akatsuki noticed their skin had become darker and believed it was a sign of them becoming more powerful like Pain intended. They actually just got sunburned.

In episode 47, Kisame had taken Samehada to a dog cafe pretending it is a dog. Kiba and friends also brought Akamaru to the dog cafe and attempted to expose Samehada as not being a real dog. Akamaru ends up befriending Samehada, though Tobi arrives at the dog cafe and accidentally reveals Samehada is not a dog, getting Kisame and the others all kicked out.

In episode 51, Akatsuki teamed up with Sasuke to help him destroy the Leaf Village. Kisame's role in these events were not shown.


Kisame is shown to be skilled with swords and Water Style Ninjutsu.



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