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Gaara of the Sand (砂の我愛羅, Suna no Gaara)
Gaara of the Sand Waterfall (砂瀑の我愛羅, Sabaku no Gaara)
Fifth Kazekage (五代目風影, Godaime Kazekage)


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Sand Manipulation


Sunagakure Symbol Sunagakure


Three Sand Siblings




Temari (Sister)
Kankuro (Brother)

Manga Debut

Chapter 5.5

Anime Debut

Episode 20

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Gaara (我愛羅, Gaara) is Suna's Fifth Kazekage (五代目風影, Godaime Kazekage, Literally meaning: Fifth Wind Shadow).


As a child, Gaara made many attempts to connect to the people of Sunagakure, all of whom feared him. Seeing that his people wouldn't accept him, Gaara became a distant and cruel person who obsessively killed people in an attempt to prove his own existence and to obtain recognition from the village.

Lee's arm and leg crushed

Gaara crushing Lee's arm and leg.

During his time as a genin, Gaara, along with his siblings, took the Chūnin Exams. In the preliminaries of the Chūnin Exams, Gaara was matched against Rock Lee. Despite Lee's best efforts to defeat him, Gaara's sand ultimately protected him from Lee's devastating blow. Taking advantage of his opponent's weakened condition, Gaara crushes Lee's left limbs with his sand. As he was about to kill him, Guy intervened.

Naruto defeats Gaara

Naruto defeats Gaara.

According to the Naruto series, after the Chūnin Exams, Gaara battled against Naruto and was defeated. Gaara learned that Naruto was a jinchūriki like himself, but was puzzled that his strength came from his desire to protect the people close to him. Thanks to Naruto's influence, Gaara decided to reform himself and to protect others.


Gaara has fair skin and short, spiky, auburn hair. He has pale blue-green eyes. Gaara has no distinctive pupils or eyebrows. He has two prominent traits in his appearance: he has tanuki-like black eye rings, and he has the kanji "love" (愛, ai) on the left side of his forehead. Gaara's forelocks are parted from the left side, making the kanji more visible.

Gaara has a full-length dark trousers, with a pair of laces on each leg, respectively a few inches below the waist and the knees, a long-sleeved crimson coat with flaring hemlines and slits down on the lower half of the front and the back, a grey holster vest held in place by a single strap over his left shoulder and by two buckled belts which he uses to carry his gourd. He also wears another pair of casually worn belts around his waist. All the time, he has been seen wearing Sunagakure's standard shinobi sandals.

When Gaara was younger, he wore a black full body suit with t-shirt-like sleeves, ¾-length legs, and an open neck. With this, he wore a white cloth over his right shoulder and the left side of his hips, and a wide leather band system over the left shoulder and right side of his hips. With this leather band, he carried around his gourd that contains his sand. He also wrapped his black forehead protector over the band. In his childhood flashbacks, he was seen wearing a beige poncho-like shawl over a short-sleeved black T-shirt, a white obi around his waist, dark blue pants rolled back several times at the hem, revealing the inside cloth to be grey, and black sandals.


During his childhood and his years as "Gaara of the Sand Waterfall", Gaara is a calm individual. However, deep down, Gaara is unbalanced, refuses to accept mercy from others, and in certain situations, Gaara is driven mad with bloodlust. Whenever he interacts with others, Gaara disregards their feelings and threatens to kill them, even his own siblings. Later on in life, he vowed to change himself and use his power to protect his village and the people he cares for.[1]

Gaara's goal of wanting people to accept him was eventually achieved as he became Suna's Kazekage and now devotes his time to serving his village. Gaara is now kind and shows regards for others.


During his time as a genin, Gaara was already a strong shinobi. During the Chūnin Exams, Gaara fought powerful shinobi such as Lee, a taijutsu specialist who has access to the Eight Gates, and ultimately defeated him. After his power was recognised by his village, he was appointed Suna's Fifth Kazekage. As the Kazekage, Gaara has the power to lead and protect his village.

Sand Manipulation


Gaara manipulating sand.

Gaara main fighting style revolves around manipulating sand. He supplies himself with a large quantity of sand inside his gourd wherever he travels. He can either use his personal sand or sand that is around him to create more devastating attacks.[2]

In combat, Gaara remains at a stationary position, using his sand to attack opponents at mid-range. When fighting, Gaara's main objective is to immobilise the target, such as with the Sand Binding Coffin, and then crush all or parts of their body. Gaara also uses his sand as armour to absorb the attacks thrown at him, by covering his body.

Multiple Sand Clone

Gaara's multiple sand clones.

When on the offensive, he can shape the sand into bullets and clones to reinforce himself. He can also use the Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Seal to completely seal his opponents.

Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles

Tenten vs. Temari

Gaara, along with the rest of his team, eats dango. At Team Guy's arrival, Tenten wonders why Lee doesn't challenge Gaara once more, only to find that Lee was already preparing to Front Lotus Gaara. Gaara is later again challenged by Lee to a "cup size" competition. In the anime, Gaara admits defeat, but in the manga, he stays silent. After that short match, Lee is about to challenge Gaara to a serious match, but is interrupted by Tenten, who asked for a match with Temari. Gaara stands by as the two kunoichi's match begins. When everyone throws pictures around, Gaara crushes them all with his sand. When Tenten summons a huge metal ball to attack Temari, Gaara uses his sand to shield himself from the attack. Like Neji and Kankuro, Gaara expresses shock at Tenten's final technique against Temari.

Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

Episode 20

Lee reunites with Gaara

Gaara reuniting with Lee.

When Team Guy draws close to Sunagakure, thinking them to be enemies, Gaara attacks them with a massive wave of sand. Realising his mistake, Gaara halts his attack. Gaara then reunites with Lee, the latter promising to surpass him. However, Gaara ignores this comment and leads Team Guy to the village. When inside his office, Gaara tells Team Guy that their mission is to aid him in defeating missing-nin that have infiltrated Sunagkure.

The Three Sand Siblings and Team Guy then confront the enemy shinobi. Gaara attacks, using his Sand Binding Coffin and Sand Drizzle, and with every attack he uses, Lee attempts to copy it. Seeing as how he is unable to use large techniques inside the village, he uses only the sand in his gourd to fight. After Guy accidentally hits Gaara, Gaara's attack accidentally hits Lee, causing his arm to become injured. Seeing this, Gaara becomes nervous and starts to sweat, causing his Armour of Sand to crumble. Gaara apologizes, but orders Lee to stand down, seeing as he cannot fight with such a wound. Tenten agrees with Gaara's judgement, but Lee refuses and keeps fighting. Lee reveals that he does not hate Gaara, but competes with him because he wants to prove himself. Gaara seems to acknowledge this and prepares to attack with his sand, but Lee hijacks the technique, creating a sandstorm. With all the enemies beaten, Lee asks Gaara for another match in later time. Gaara agrees, and the two part ways, but not after Lee hugs Gaara. This annoys Gaara, and he attacks Lee and his team to get off of him.


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