Episode 9
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Neji's Cousin, Hinata
Hinata's Weakness, Naruto

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Neji's Cousin, Hinata

Hinata is trying to train but Lee and the others won't leave her alone.

Hinata's Weakness, Naruto

Pointing out Hinata's weakness, Lee and the others try to cure her of this by getting her closer to Naruto.


Part 1: Neji's Cousin, Hinata

Hinata and Leegropus

Neji tries to secretly head home to watch Hinata train, but is caught by his team who follows him. Though Lee and Guy first manage to upset Hinata, everyone, including Kiba and Shino, offer to help her train. Guy, Kiba, and Shino's methods all fail however, and Lee points out they should focus on Hinata's weakness: Naruto Uzumaki. Everyone (excluding Neji) dress as Naruto, causing Hinata to run away.

Hinata walks through Konoha, and sees several Naruto. Thinking Naruto to be training with his Shadow Clones, she greets him, but only to find that they was actually several missing-nin who had seen Hinata train and found her weakness. Hinata defeats all of the enemies but one and is nearly defeated. However, Neji appears and manages to save her.

Part 2: Hinata's Weakness, Naruto

Hinata and naruto

As Hinata and Neji train, Hinata suddenly faints. Turning around, Neji sees Naruto. He angrily attacks him while Hinata silently scolds herself for her flaws. Team Guy sees this, and Lee comments that she should work on her greatest weakness: Naruto. Tenten points out that if Hinata were to see Naruto very often she would eventually become used to his appearances. Deciding to act on this idea, Lee tells Hinata to be kind, give him presents, be open honest about your feelings, and be a little forceful sometimes and, sends Hinata to Naruto. They find him at his house preparing a bowl of ramen. Lee reminds Hinata be be casual and kind, and Hinata gives Naruto a bowl of hot water she has. Remembering to give him a gift, Hinata tries to give him a vegetable side. She however spots a bug near the plate and tries to swat it away using the Gentle Fist, but instead only hits Naruto's face. She tries again, but only worsens things. After failing to be forceful as well, Hinata is left saddened along with Lee.

Trying to comfort the two, Tenten points out that Sakura is better suited for Naruto because of her punchlines and confidence. Hinata practises this with Neji, and after doing so, she looks for Naruto. However, Naruto spots her first and mentions her kindness to be one of the things he likes about her. Hearing this, Hinata becomes overjoyed and decides that there's no need to change her personalities to match Sakura's. Hinata believes to have improved, but faints after Naruto suddenly appears, contradicting this.


  • Yamato Cameos: 1
  • When Hinata tells Naruto that just eating cup ramen isn't healthy, she is missing her right arms sleeve.


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