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Episode 49

White Day, Destroyer of Alliances!
Take Care of the Princess Dolls!

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Episode 49 was aired on March 12, 2013.


Part 1: White Day, Destroyer of Alliances!

Rock Lee decides to give Sakura Haruno chocolate for White Day, as she had previously given him chocolate for Valentine's Day, a gesture Lee saw as not friendship, but love. When Lee goes to shops to buy chocolate for the next day, he realizes that not only were the White Day decorations dyed black, but all the white day candies have been sabotaged and replaced as well. Lee calls Tenten and Neji Hyūga to find the culprits of the White Day vandalization before the next day and explains their situation. Having not much to go on for clues, the team visits Shino Aburame and Lee accuses his bugs for the destruction of White Day. He explains that the culprit must have an affinity for black and a sweet tooth, the rhinoceros beetles that Shino carries fitting that description, being black and loving sugar. Lee asks Shino to hand over his beetles, though Shino replies that he cannot, because the beetles had been in hibernation for a month.

The team stops at Ichiraku Ramen and tries to think of more suspects. As Teuchi serves them their ramen, they find marshmellows in their ramen, Neji wondering in his thoughts what the ramen chef was thinking and Teuchi thinking to himself that he had too many. Shikamaru Nara is seen in the background and tries to think of a bluff that would erase any suspection of him, Neji and Teuchi being the culprits of the White Day destruction, but before he is able to reveal himself and say anything, Lee comes to the conclusion that the marshmellows were part of Teuchi's new menue that he had just completed. Lee then spots Choji Akimichi walking down the street carrying a large amount of cookies. As all the sweets in Konohagakure had been sabotaged, he questions Choji as of were he got them. Choji replies that Shikamaru gave them to him, making Lee come to the conclusion that Shikamaru had been baking cookies.

Later that night, Teuchi, Neji and Shikamaru gathered to discuss their destruction of White Day. When Neji exclaims that they were successful in destroying the holiday, one of Shino's bugs is seen lurking around. Lee jumps from a balcony to where Neji, Teuchi and Shikamru were standing, explaining that he came across their meeting place while looking for rhinoceros beetles. Lee questions why they would all try to ruin White Day, Neji replying that his reason was to stop Hinata Hyūga from becoming heartbroken when Naruto Uzumaki forgot to give anyone, including her, reply chocolate. Teuchi explains that his reason was so his daughter Ayame would not be hoarded by disgusting men. Shikamaru explains that he would rather not have White Day on the calander, seeing it as too troublesome to deal with. When Lee does not agree to keep quiet about their doings, Neji attacks him. The scene switches to a skit of which a female Lee named "Leeko" is comferting a nervous Tenten named "Tenko." When a boy calls for the next applicant, he takes sight of Leeko and asks for her name with heart-filled eyes. The boy exclaims that she will be a start in no time. A flash forward occurs and Leeko is in a large stadium with Tenko as his background dancer. Leeko reveals that he will be graduating soon and because of this, Tenko will be taking the center seat in their group. After the skit, Lee forgets what he was trying to say, having to be reminded by Neji. Lee remembers his point and tells Neji not to belittle something just because it is a spin off. He tells Neji that he should know that better than anyone else because he is a member of the branch house of the Hyuga Clan, because the branch family is a side branch of the main house. Shikamaru then shows Lee a magazine and he reads an article about how giving chocolate is now far less popular than gicing accessories and gifts. Seeing the article, Lee readily joins their side. The next day, Neji, Shikamaru and Teuchi see several people in line for White Day chocolates. Shocked, they asked Lee what he had done. In reply, Lee tells them that he "remade" White Day, erasing the use of sweets in the traditions. Neji, Shikamaru and Teuchi are then carried away by a crowd and trampled, left in the streets.

Part 2: Clean Up the Dolls!

Previously, Konoha had held a festival of dolls with a great display of dolls on a large display. However, after returning the dolls several times, they keep reappearing. Lee concludes on the base of the saying "If you don't clean up your dolls before March 3rd you'll be late" ("You'll be late" referring to being late to find a husband) that the reason why Tsunade was single was because of all the dolls still on display. Tsunade herself appears and punches Lee and demands that his team fix the doll problem. Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi are seen in where the dolls are kept, about to display once more. Orochimaru explains that he will cause all the people in Konoha to become unmarried spinsters by constantly leaving the dolls out past March 3rd. Lee, disguised as an imperial doll, scares Orochimaru by speaking and moving in doll form, only to be shot down by Tenten. Neji, Tenten and Lee face off against Kabuto and Orochimaru, but before anyone uses a Jutsu, Orochimaru runs up to the doll stand carrying a doll and tries to put up all the dolls up by force. Kabuto and Orochimaru begin to put up all the dolls on the stand while Tenten, Lee and Neji bring them down. Lee attempts to turn the tables by using Leaf Ninja Art: Every Other Step, a "technique" that allowed Lee to skip one step, increasing his speed of climbing. Orochimaru sees it as a fearsome technique, but uses his own technique, Summoning: Escalator. This technique allowed Orochimaru to bring several dolls up to the top of the display without needing to walk. Orochimaru used another technique called Bringing Several Dolls Up to the Platform All at Once Technique. Lee sinks to his knees, hopelessly wondering how to beat Orochimaru's escalator. A skit is started and "Leeko," Lee's female counterpart, is asked by Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka what highschool she has chosen. Leeko tells them that she hasn't chosen yet, shocking Ino and Sakura who believed that Leeko was smart enough to continue with their middle schools' high school. Ino asks an alternate female Orochimaru what highschool she would be going to and Orochimaru replies that she will be attending their middle schools' high school and she already has the referrals she needs to get in. A shocked Ino exclaims that Orochimaru is on an escalator. Leeko notes that she never got lower grades than Orochimaru and challenges herself to get into the same high school as Orochimaru. At high school, Orochimaru is being praised by Tsunade and Neji for being able to skip the entrance exams. Leeko is seen and they then begin to compliment Leeko for skipping a grade and Orochimaru realizes that even though he was on an escalator, Leeko is on an elevator. Outside the skit, Orochimaru uses his last option and starts another skit. School girl Orochimaru is walking home from school and sees a child with a doll display through a window in another persons home. Not having enough money to buy any dolls and have a display, the sight saddens Orochimaru. When Orochimaru reaches her home, her mother (alternate Kabuto) shows her paper dolls she made herself, though she apologizes for not being able to buy her real dols. Orochimaru disregards her apology, as she understood that they were short on money and her mother spent all her time working to pay for her school. Outside the skit, Lee is brought to tears and offers to help Orochimaru set up the dolls. Lee, Neji and Tenten dress Orochimaru as a doll in order for him to get the best experience of the event (according to Lee), though Orochimaru disagreed.