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Episode 31

Nothing Beats Mixed Bathing!
October 27th was Orochimaru's Birthday...

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Episode 31 is the thirty-first episode of the Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden series.


Part 1: Nothing Beats Mixed Bathing!

Guy decides to give everyone a rare break and Orochimaru attempts to destroy them with his new trap.

Part 2: October 27th was Orochimaru's Birthday...

When Orochimaru realizes that his birthday has passed and nobody remembered, he plans to make Lee suffer the same fate.


Part 1: Nothing Beats Mixed Bathing!

The narrator finds Orochimaru digging a giant hole. He explains that he's been searching for a hot spring all week and so far has found nothing. As the narrator questions this, he decides not to say anymore at this point and resumes working.

The others are on their way home after a tough and tiring mission. They all want to rest but Lee thinks they should just continue working for their next mission. Guy suddenly appears and tells them that he does have intentions of them relaxing, he wants them to heal up and check out the not hot springs that has opened up. So Lee and his ninja pals wind up in front of the brand new Orochi Hot Spring. Tenten and Neji suspiciously point out that it's just Orochimaru again, so they all get on the alert, ready to attack at a given notice. Meanwhile, Kabuto scolds him for naming the hot spring so obviously...

Dressing himself up in a more womanly attire, Orochimaru comes out and greets them before explaining they read the name wrong. It doesn't say Orochi, it says Okuchichi Hot Springs. Kabuto doesn't believe it'll work, but it does!

So everyone decides it must really be okay, saying that even Orochimaru wouldn't be stupid enough to name it so obviously. The woman invites everyone in, where they find it's a mixed, outside bath. The Narrator takes a moment to explain how a mixed bath works. The girls don't really want to share the bath with the boys, but they don't really have that much time until dinner so they don't have a choice. Lee suggests the guys use a transformation jutsu (Naruto transforms, Lee puts makeup on Neji, and he puts a feminine wig on) instead, so that everyone is a girl. Tenten isn't very convinced but Sakura thinks it may actually be a good idea. So instead, the girls transform into boys and everyone can share the bath more freely now. While in the hot springs, everyone seems to feel this is a little boring, but overall it was very relaxing...

Soon dinner comes along and Orochimaru forces Kabuto to dress up and provide entertainment. Neji can't help but feel bad for Kabuto, though he doesn't know it's him. Orochimaru reveals himself to everyone and reveals his plans of loosening them up in order to weaken them so that he could attack them. The guys check and realize the springs has indeed relaxed them too much. Lee decides to resort to Taijutsu, since he can't even use ninjutsu and Orochimaru decides to play with him. But before they even get very far, the karaoke device explodes!

So with that in mind they choose to do something a little bit more appropriate that will fit the theme. So he chooses a baseball skit. He is then hit by the ball and sent flying off, ending up very hurt. Orochimaru calls him a cheater and summons Manda. But before he can do anything, the hot spring inspecting spa rangers show up to arrest him!

They grab Orochimaru and take off, dragging him from behind as the group, Manda, and Kabuto simply watch in shock.

Part 2: October 27th was Orochimaru's Birthday...

Orochimaru is busy plotting on how to finally get revenge on Lee once and for all. As he works, he tries to think of a good item to use against Lee to lure him into his trap and considers using a special birthday item. This makes him realize his own birthday was last week!

He is very angry that nobody remembered his birthday and wonders why this is. He then scolds Kabuto for forgetting his birthday without saying it, so Kabuto thinks it was only related to some show he wanted to see. Orochimaru summons Manda, but the giant snake can't think of it either. Even the narrator doesn't understand until Orochimaru spells it out for him. An idea suddenly strikes him and he checks a date book and sees that Lee's birthday is coming up at the end of November. So he begins to plot of ways to ruin it so that Lee suffers the way he did.

Orochimaru sneaks into the hidden leaf village, wearing a strange disguise to make himself appear as half himself, and half-Kabuto. He explains to the narrator that he can't ask Kabuto for help so he's playing his part too. He puts a strange chakra on Lee's shoe, to go off and ruin it on his birthday. Then he plans to give him bad luck with a black cat. As Kabuto, he scolds the idea, unaware that he's been spotted by Tenten, who reveals the shoe to be her own. She attacks him and he resumes begins to work on another idea, by trying to make Akamaru leave behind a lot of dog poop so that Lee will be miserable on his birthday. But this ends when an angry Akamaru bites him instead...

A desperate Orochimaru bursts into Lee's house and he changes some details on the birthday, such as making it the anniversary of Budda's death, and Friday the 13th. "Kabuto" points out that it can't be both the 13th, AND Lee's birthday since it's on the 27th. Orochimaru then decides to search Coogle, for some help by combining tons of bad birthday memories. He ends up finding his own blog entry and he gives up with that idea...

Later on, Naruto, Lee, Neji, and Tenten are out taking a walk when they see that there is a ramen restraunt that will be opening on the 27th. They overlook the sign, unaware of Orochimaru on the roof building the place. When they think about Chouji showing up they see that he'll be going to another promotional place that's opening on the same day. Neji then realizes that a memorial service will be held that day, as well as Tsunade's womans summit, Guy even claims it's a fishing day and he planned to bring Kakashi with him to go fishing, but he'll be doing something else. Lee then points out it's also his birthday too. As Orochimaru is busy working, he reveals that he's the one who did all of this and set everything up on that specific date. But his plan fails when Lee instead questions if maybe that means he'd get to be alone with Sakura that night, which he'd really like. This frustrates Naruto but he's in too good of a mood to listen...

On the final leg of his plans, Orochimaru decides he will bring Lee a "special present". His Kabuto side is very pleased by the idea as Orochimaru reveals he plans to pop out of the present himself and scare Lee. So he gets into the box and hide. A group of voices are speaking amongst themselves and they comment on how creepy the strange box is, given that it sounds like something weird is inside of it. But suddenly he falls out of the box to see all of his subordinates surrounding him!

Everyone wishes him a happy birthday. At first surprised, Orochimaru suddenly snaps and instead asks why nobody bothered to do this on the right day. Kabuto reveals that it was because Orochimaru was out all day, on his birthday. They couldn't find him so it just kinda passed...

The episode ends as Orochimaru bursts into tears and thanks everyone. The Narrator even wishes him a happy birthday!


  • This episode features 2 Yamoto Cameos.
  • Orochimaru’s half Kabuto disguise is reminiscent of Baron Ashura a major villain from the Mazinger Z series.


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