Episode 17
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Road to Guy! (ロード・トゥ・ガイ, Rōdo tu Guy)

The Amazing True Story of the Leaf Village Film Festival!

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Episode 17 is the seventieth episode of the Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden series.


Road To Guy!

After Lee and Tenten fight over the newest issue of Jump to find out the latest information regarding the newest Naruto movie they're suddenly pulled into a parallel world!

The Amazing True Story of the Leaf Village Film Festival!

Tsunade is worried the movie is lacking something very important. The key item to make it a must-see by all! Tenten overhears this and everyone tries to work together to find the missing element.


Road To Guy!

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Lee rushes into a shop when he sees the object he's been searching for: the latest issue of Jump. As he reaches for it, someone else grabs the book also. Lee stares in surprise to see Tenten in front of him. Because of their friendship, the two of them both purchase the book in question, since they can just read it together.

This is easier said then done when Tenten believes she should get to read it first, being a lady. Lee points out that Tenten is usually against such sexist comments, but she claims he would just read it on the toilet and he claims she'd read it in the bath. The two continue to fight over the book, each wanting desperately to know what would happen in the upcoming movie. Eventually, they both tug for it and fall backwards to see the book glowing.

Tenten and Lee are very confused after the glowing suddenly stops. Lee suggests they find some water when Shino suddenly appears. Tenten begins to speak to him, but is quick to notice that he had worn little clothing that day. He looks very flashy and when he's questioned regarding it, Shino claims this to be his normal self. They're then met up with a very shy Kiba and a very bold, snappy Hinata. The situation only worsens when they're greeted by a heavy Shikamaru, a feminine Choji, and a quiet gothic-lolita Ino. Meanwhile, exiting a gambling location is a wealthy lady Tsunade and Shizune. Finally, a very perky, friendly Orochimaru and Kabuto have come to fight evil.

By now, Tenten is in full panic. Tenten tries to get Lee to focus after he believes it to just have been a dream. They go to find Neji, who they believe can help or may at least know whats going on. However, he refuses to help. He's become a video game, junk food obsessed angsty teenager. Tenten claims they're stuck for the time being so they'll need to look for clues by themselves if they want to find out what's going on and how they can get everything back to normal. It's suddenly Lee has an idea and he looks into the Jump issue to see the ramen is exactly the same as the ramen inside it. The situation they're in is the exact same as the one occuring inside the Jump issue. Somehow the issue of Jump granted their wish of wanting the details about the new movie.

So Lee and Tenten try the same exact method to get back to their normal world. Lee mentions its lacking something and he explains that originally they were much more passionate. So to return back to normal they need to take a passionate approach but Tenten stops him before he destroys the book. Lee is then inspired to try to write his own script instead. He can physically alter the story to fix everything and he gets right to work by going to where Neji is.

Lee tries it out by writing what he thinks of Neji and after the door begins to glow, it opens to reveal a Neji exactly like Guy! Tenten scolds Lee before he reveals that while he knew how Neji normally is, he was too focused thinking about Guy. But the method WAS effective, so he then tries to fix Hinata, Kiba, and Shino but the same thing happens. Finally Tenten convinces Lee to try even extra harder and it seems to have worked.

Tenten turns to speak to the others, only to find out everybody is turning into Guy, even her. She tries to back away from the others as they reveal the movie to her: Road To Guy.

The Amazing True Story of the Leaf Village Film Festival!

Lee and Neji have met up in the wooded area of the hidden leaf village when Lee decides to ask Neji if he got tickets for the new movie. Neji informs him that everyone in the Hyuuga family will be attending. Tenten suddenly runs over and tells them about the discussion she happened to overhear. Tsunade thinks something critical from the movie is missing, but she has no idea what this exactly is...

So everyone begins to go over what they believe may be missing from the movie. Lee thinks its a big Hollywood action sequence with a tough American hero who overcomes all odds! But when he goes overboard, Tenten tells him he's way off and turning the movie into a complely new thing. Neji then fills them in and tells them that he thinks the Movie is missing a very romantic Romeo and Juliet-like sequence and lots of drama, but Tenten doesn't think anybody would want to go see a tear jerking movie during summer. It's then Hinata, Kiba, and Shino show up. Hinata goes over her own ideas of an innocent love type story, but it sounds more like a stalkers horror movie.

Deciding he'll settle this once and for all, Kiba decides what the movie needs is some heavy moe action! But only the dog will be doing it, to which Tenten claims Kiba only thought about what he would like, since not everyone in the audience is going to appreciate dog moe. Shino believes he knows what is missing, but Tenten tells him it's wrong to have audio commentary during a movie. This is... until she sees herself on the movie and she sits down to discuss how she did it until Tenten realizes this and she attacks Shino 

Suddenly, Orochimaru and Kabuto join them! Orochimaru claims to know what is missing and he fills them in on it. The story of an actor who always got small time roles and eventually got fired from the world of acting. He met a girl and the two of them fled when her family objected to them being together. When the man got home, he thought the girl went back home to her family, but she returns with audition papers for him. He knows she went to her father, but she explains that he's never been happier then when he's on stage, so she just did what she felt she had to do. And so the man goes to the audition, and Orochimaru is interupted by Tenten who tells him it's way too long.

Nobody seems to really understand Orochimaru's story, other then Kabuto. So then everyone there begins to say what they felt the movie was missing again. Eventually, the narrator sees this as a mess, so he confronts Tsunade to ask her what she thinks was missing. Tsunade informs him that it has actually just came and everyone in the village begins to pull on long ropes, revealing it to be a giant movie poster.


  • The episode is a parody of the Naruto: Road to Ninja movie.
  • Yamato Cameos: 4
  • In Orochimaru’s skit he was a shown wearing a suit resembling Godzilla


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