Episode 15

The Pool's Finally Opened
The Super Happy Orochi-Pool Park

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Episode 15 was aired on July 10, 2012.


The Pool's Finally Opened

The ninja go all out to try to fill the leaf villages pool during the summer; but is there more to it then meets the eye?

The Super Happy Orochi-Pool Park

Lee wants to take Sakura out on a date so he and his team go to check out a new water park.


Part 1: The Pool's Finally Opened

Empty Pool

Everyone prepares to go to the pool, but are informed by Guy that no water was in the pool, as Kakashi failed to fill it, as he had gone searching for the next edition of his favorite book series. It is revealed that Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi purposely bought all the editions in order to foil the pool's opening. The two open their own water park and diguise Manda as a large water slide.

Guy leaves the shinobi in charge of filling the pool. Several attempts are tried, each competing with Orochimaru and Kabuto. However, all fails and Lee uses a last resort method. He tells a sad story and the pool is filled with tears. Disgusted, everyone loses their desire to swim.

Part 2: The Super Happy Orochi-Pool Park

The shinobi prepare to make wishes for the upcoming festival. Guy suggest that they, for training, make their wishes come true. They do this and Lee reveals his wish to be to go on a date with Sakura at the pool during the Star Festival.

At Orochimaru's pool park, several people come often. Team Guy arrives and tell Orochimaru that they planned on testing the site out for Lee's date. The following day, Lee waits for Sakura to pass by him, so he can ask her out. He approaches her, but has trouble asking her out. She reveals that her Star Wish is to pass her medical exam. Inspired, Lee changes his wish and makes it that Sakura will succeed in her exam.


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