Episode 13
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Student vs. Master! Rock Lee vs. Might Guy!
I will Surpass Guy Sensei!

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Episode 13 was aired on June 26, 2012.


The ninja of Konoha are testing their skills and in order for Team Guy to pass, they need to beat Guy. Tenten and Neji manage to pass but Lee struggles to come up with something stronger then Guy's ultimate move...


Part 1: Student vs. Master! Rock Lee vs. Might Guy

Surpass guy sensei

While Kakashi and Guy look over their students report cards, Kakashi mentions Naruto surpassing him. Guy calls his team together to test their skills and tells them that they will pass if they are able to beat him. Tenten and Neji manage to do this, but Lee fails after Guy holds nothing back, using the Eight Gates. Guy gives Lee a week to become stronger than him, and if not, demote him to Genin.

A saddened Lee is approached by Kakashi, who witnessed the whole event. He manages to cheer Lee up, leaving the boy determined to train harder than ever. His teammates help him train for several days, but Lee still feels unsatisfied. Tenten mentions the lethal ability of Guy's Morning Peacock, making Lee determined to form a counter move.

Part 2: I will Surpass Guy Sensei!

Lee vs guy
Lee is about to face off against Guy again, now that a week is up. Tenten and Neji are a bit tense and notice that Kakashi and his team have come too, in order to give support. Guy reminds Lee of the cost if he loses and warns him to be serious during this fight. But Lee assures him he is indeed very serious. Both of them begin to attack with the same attacks, which turns out they simply bashed shins with one-another. Lee then decides he's going to use his new move that Kakashi doesn't know about. However... this leaves everyone in a lot of shock, except for Sai that is.

With the week over, Lee faces Guy again. With Team Kakashi watching, Lee and Guy begin to fight. After a series of moves, Guy uses the Eight Gates, hitting Lee. But to everyone's shock, Lee does not fall. The two resume fighting and Lee uses his new technique: Morning Chicken. This attack hits Guy, defeating him, but also Lee, who collapses out of exhaustion.

Lee is disappointed with the tie, but Guy passes him anyways, promising to work him harder than ever.


  • Yamato Cameos: 1