Copy Ninja Rock Lee?!

Chapter 4



Kopī Ninja Rokku Rī?!

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Rock Lee vs. Neji Hyūga!! Sakura's Swimsuit!!

Copy Ninja Rock Lee?! (コピー忍者ロックリー! Kopī Ninja Rokku Rī?!) is Chapter 4 of the manga.


Lee appears to Neji and Tenten with three large stones attached to his body as part of his training. Kakashi and Guy prepare for their competition, but Guy has a cold, so Kakashi advises him to call the competition off. When Guy refuses, Kakashi uses his One Thousand Years of Pain to win the challenge, much to Tenten's horror. Due to the pain Guy experienced due to Kakashi's attack, Kakashi substitutes Guy as leader of Team Guy and tells Lee that he has twenty consecutive victories over Guy. Knowing Guy's losses, Lee tries to copy Kakashi from his techniques such as One Thousand Years of Pain to the point of wearing the same outfit as him. Noting Kakashi's tardiness, Team Guy heads off without him. The enemy ninja almost mistakes Lee for Kakashi due to his outfit. Lee continues to copy Kakashi by showing the Sharingan, which is actually just a contact lens. Neji claims to have perfected his jutsu with Byaku-Sharingan, much to the dismay of Tenten, who points out that it is just a contact lens. Lee attacks the enemy with One Thousand Years of Pain, but the enemy has a shield on his butt, stating that he has been hit by the same technique from Kakashi's Father. As the enemy is about to overwhelm them, Guy and Kakashi arrive in time to save Team Guy. Regretting his actions to imitate Kakashi, Lee changes his outfit to his normal ones and helps Guy and Kakashi to beat the enemies. It is then that Kakashi reveals that it was the Make-Out Tactics' hero who has twenty consecutive wins. Once Guy is completely healed, Lee practices Kakashi's jutsu with him.