• 4th Six Paths

    I have just created the wiki for the new spin-off of Kenji Taira, Sasuke Uchiha no Sharingan Den called Sasuke Uchiha's Sharingan Legend Wiki. I will still be contributing to the Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Wiki, but if anyone wants to help out to prepare for the new series it would be great.

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  • Ashaford123

    many of you may know of the eight tails and the 9 tails but you don't know about the 29 tails. it has been around for centuries. nobody knew about it because the people who were jinchuriki's of it were afraid to say anything. the only person who knew was the 2nd hokage. he told them that their secret is safe.

    29 tailed purple beast
    • 29 tails
    • vicious atittude
    • very powerful.
    • cousin to the 9 tailed fox


    • katara imizuki
    • nara imizuki
    • fredon imizuki
    • zuchanee imizuki

    biography: been around for centuries. has been helpful to many armies. has destroyed many cities and has now on been forgoten.
    katara imizuki and her siblings have been using this spirit for many years. katara is now the jinchuriki for the spirit now. her siblings were using the sprit…

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  • Ashaford123


    April 28, 2013 by Ashaford123

    i love shikamaru. he is like one of the most best guy ever. but naruto is better but shikamaru is hotter.

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  • YoungOtakuNerd

    Hello! The name's YoungOtakuNerd. You can call me by my OC's name though, Dani Tetsuwan (or, rather, just Dani).

    I'm glad to introduce myself to the wiki. My main reason for being here is because I love Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth. I've seen videos on YouTube, and since then I've loved the series....AND it's main character.

    Yes, the series has, for the most part, caused me to consider Rock Lee as my favorite character. Before I was officially into Naruto, I barely knew anything about this guy. However, when I saw Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth, I started to think, "Aw, he's so cute! Maybe I should start watching Naruto..." Sure enough, I DID start watching Naruto, and it's one of my favorite anime series. Rock Lee is my favorite, but some…

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  • UltimateSupreme


    August 9, 2012 by UltimateSupreme

    Signatures are very important, partly to identify the user and quickly go to his/her talk page to reply, but also due to the timestamp they carry, which helps keep track of discussions. Therefore, whenever posting on a forum page or a talk page, you have to sign your posts. For ease of replying it is mandatory for your signature to have some sort of link to either your talk page or your user page (this is a minimum, of course you can have both of these and other links too).

    Signatures, while mandatory in forum and talk pages, as mentioned above, should never be used in the mainspace, whether to sign your edit or any other reason. As Wikia's license says, "you do not have ownership of your edits", and therefore editors should never sign conte…

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  • ManikWorld

    I think this is my first blog ever.

    I like this manga first, because Lee is in it. Lee was my favorite character in Naruto. Second, because Tenten gets some screen time, which she never got on Naruto. Lastly, because they put Neji in stupid situations, where he has to go with the plan. As in Naruto, where he asks all reserved, in this manga, they have him dressed as a girl twice already.

    M+W talk 04:20, April 11, 2012 (UTC)

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